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Christopher Cantrell

Improving the World through...

                     Scientific Inquiry

This site presents information on my research interests and accomplishments.  You will also find a link to my resume, and a few select papers.  I encourage you to look over the site, and if you have questions, please contact me.


My current work involves the application of analytical techniques to questions related to atmospheric composition and the processes that control trace gas concentrations.  This includes the application of chemical ionization mass spectrometry (CIMS) to measurement of HOx (OH, HO2, and RO2) and other species.   HOxCIMS has been deployed primarily on research aircraft platforms, but has also collected data during ground-based studies.  Most recently, the HOxCIMS approach was deployed during PROPHET-AMOS experiment in northern Michigan, and at Indiana University in Bloomington.  I have moved to the Paris, France area to work at the Inter-university Laboratory of Atmospheric Systems (LISA) after having received a grant from the "Make Our Planet Great Again" inititaive.    

From my first chemistry experiment in the kitchen,

     to taking apart the toaster,

     to launching rockets in the front yard,

     to acquiring the nickname "Professor CC of C" in high school,

     to watching the Kansas skies for tornadoes,

I have been curious about the world and how it works.